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About Arthur Reel

Arthur Reel

Arthur Reel is a multi-disciplined theatrical artist who lends his talents to improve the lives of New Yorkers. With writing, directing and producing credits on his resume, his unique career and experience allows him to offer invaluable insight into communication and public speaking, for non-actors and artists alike.

An award-winning man of the theatre, Arthur’s passion for the stage is translated into his classroom, where he teaches self-confidence, assuredness and life-enrichment through 35 years of theatrical experience. His classes have been enjoyed by adult students of all ages and from all lifestyles.

 Arthur Reel is the artistic founder of Drama Committee Repertory Theatre, and proudly teaches acting, communication skills training and improvement classes in New York City. His work includes numerous stage adaptations of pieces from a variety of well known, celebrated artists. For more information on how we will help you, your life and your career, contact us today.