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Broadway? Off Broadway? No! The passion of the city is found in the Off-Off Broadway/Independent Theatre circuit. Every year many young artists come to NYC to look for that artistic career in the theatre with all their vitality and youth force. But also every year many decide to start a career later in life, often, all of them dreaming and thinking about TV and film. For the most part, it does not matter the age. The starting point is Off-Off Broadway. Small and low budget productions full of dreams, not only of fame and success, but of creating the epitome work of artistic expression. Big sacrifice, since there is a need to work full time in something else to pay bills, as most artistic work may not pay much or nothing.

Many will stay working Off-Off Broadway, not only because fame is elusive, but also because that is the place to experiment, create with freedom and explore provocative forms of expression. To all new artists and non-artists coming to my Acting for Non-Actors, Acting for Beginners, Exploring Directing, as well as Playwriting for Beginners and Powerful Communication classes and, I tell them to explore the Independent Theatre, to see a small budget production as an independent learning process. How can you not fall in love with such a great development in life— to understand the depth of what the theatre teaches you, as a process of great communication and remarkable imagination. The grand viewpoint of human ideas! 

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